Spring is here


Well, not really: It is pretty cold in Berkeley, but after a long winter break (including a fantastic week in DC where I took part in the Washington Campus Business and Public Policy program) we are all back at Haas for the spring semester and I have a pretty busy schedule for the next few months.

In addition to the core classes in Spring A (Macro-Economics and Operations) I am taking Consumer Behavior (taught by Professor Andrade), Power and Politics (Professor Freeman) and International Business Development (IBD). I also signed up for an introductory Italian class which meets daily and a Private Equity Speakers' Series, so it looks like academically this semester is going to be rather intense. So far, my spring classes have been great. We are still in the add/drop period, so some of my friends are still switching classes, but I am happy with my choices and the professors and looking forward to an interesting semester. To add to the excitement, I will soon find out which organization I will be working with for IBD - we have an early morning kickoff for that class this Sunday and will likely get our project assignments next week.

First-year students here at Haas is also getting ready for internship interviewing (and consulting and banking interviews are already underway). Thankfully, I already have my job for summer lined up already, but I am really proud of my fellow students when I see how they manage the extra workload from recruiting activities. While it looks like the US economy is heading for a r***, recruiting is still going strong, the career center is doing a great job coordinating activities and helping students get ready for their interviews, and the first students already got their offers for summer internships. .


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