Facial Hair and Football


It was an interesting weekend to say the least. Friday night we all got together to shave our faces. I realize that was lacking in context...

You see, several of my Haas colleagues with a Y chromosome kept their razors shelved for the month of November as a fundraiser for Haas for Students, a fund that supports classmates who choose nonprofit summer internships. Lucky ladies bid to shave their hairy face of choice (in whatever style they wanted--believe me, there were some good ones!) with the proceeds going to HFS. One guy even (reluctantly though with a smile) sacrificed his chest hair (in the shape of a Superman logo with a "C" for Cal!). It was priceless.

Then Saturday a strong Haas contingent spent a chunk of the day tailgating before the "Big (football) Game" at Stanford, which we unfortunately lost--a fact that may have been lost upon many of my classmates, who opted to stay outside the stadium at the AWESOME tailgate with Stanford GSB (choosing the warmth of the grill and good company over the coldness of defeat--and Palo Alto on a December night). A definite advantage to getting your MBA from a big school is having a major sports program (i.e., opportunities to re-live undergrad!).

The pic above is of my study group member Luke (who was shaved for HFS down to only the classic mustache) and I at the Big Game tailgate.

Despite the Cal faithful (which rivaled if not exceeded the turnout of Stanford fans), we couldn't rally in the fourth quarter and pull it out. Too bad the ending was nothing like "The Play" 25 years ago...We'll get 'em next year. Go Bears!


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