A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall


I'm writing this from Seattle. A week or so ago, I got an offer from Amazon.com to be a product management intern this summer, and they flew a bunch of MBAs into town for a "sell" weekend. When I got to the hotel on Thursday night (late), the guy at the front desk told me he was going to upgrade my room to a suite. Having been through a similar process as an undergrad, it felt a little bit like the kiss of death when I opened the door and immediately saw a floor-to-ceiling view of the Space Needle. But whatever...I got over it when I saw the huge bed and the gigantic bathroom.

The people at Amazon seem very cool - they're smart, friendly, and the culture seems like it's work-hard-play-hard. Just like business school. Each group within Amazon that has requested an intern (or a number of interns) for the summer presented to us for 30 minutes each. After the weekend is over, we will indicate our top three choices, and the MBA recruiting manager at the company will match us accordingly. Amazon has a web services side, which will attract most of the potential interns who are excited about technology. The other side of the business is the retail arm, which is the one I am more excited about. No matter where we get placed, it sounds as thought the projects we'll be assigned to actually have meaningful implications for the company, which is awesome and also a little bit scary.

Five of us from Haas got offers from Amazon on the marketing side, and I think two or three additional people got offers for finance internships. These numbers are roughly comparable to (if not a bit higher than) the other schools who had potential interns visiting: Kellogg, MIT, Wharton, HBS, Stanford and Michigan.

I am headed to the airport in a few minutes - as is typical in Seattle at this time of year, it's rainy and raw...hence the title of my entry (I've been on a Bob Dylan kick lately). I'm crossing my fingers that my flight will not be delayed too long. I have to get back for the C4C auction tonight at I-House!

—Lindsay G.

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