The transition is underway. Elections are on-going, bidding for classes has begun, successors are being chosen for clubs. First years are eager to be the big guns on campus and drill down the internships; second years are looking at jobs, snow, and our last classes.

Academically, I'm now starting to focus on my final projects. For New Product Development, I'm designing Project Runway design challenges with Meghna (post below) based on course lessons and conducting a post-mortem on a company started by a fellow classmate; developing a marketing plan for Audi in my Brand Management class; preparing for a Corporate Finance final involving bond covenants, taxes, and asymmetric information; and focusing on an unknown Service Strategy case for the final, having just completed my American Express Interactive case presentation last night. (Hence the delay in blog.)

Socially, I'm looking forward to snow in Tahoe, winter parties, winter break and more time in my schedule next year.

Right now, I've got to focus on homework due later today.

—Colin C.

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