Student Spotlight: finance fellow Morgana Davids

Morgana Davids, MBA 16, is one of 11 first-year students to receive scholarships and mentoring as this year's fellows in invesment banking, investment management, and entrepreneurial finance. 
As the CJ White Fellowship winner, Morgana took a moment to share her thoughts on the experience so far, and how it fits with Haas culture.
2014 Finance Fellows Standing, left to right: Uday Vadula, Carl Choi, Morgana Davids, Rajeev Chanderraj, and Pablo Garcia. Seated, left to right: Gabe La Mothe, Daria Filippova, and Travis Axelrod.


What does being a CJ White Fellow mean to you?

The benefits of this fellowship are phenomenal, particularly the mentorship, but obviously also the scholarship and the priority in finance electives. I feel honored and grateful to have been selected.
I think the fact that my mentor was a CJ White recipient and is now giving back speaks to the real meaning of the fellowship, which is a structured way for Haas alums to support current Haas students. This fits very well with the culture I have found at Haas. Our fourth Defining Principle, "Beyond Yourself," is something that really seems to resonate with all Haas students I have met. We all want to share the benefits of our own experiences with our classmates, to help each other to achieve our goals. Sometimes, it's hard to know the best way to do this. Mentorship pairings through these fellowships give alumni a structured way to go beyond themselves and share their wisdom with younger classes of Haasies.
What we learn in the classroom in business school is invaluable for our future careers, but particularly for career-switchers like me, mentorship from those who have actually worked in the field is crucial for me to understand what various finance roles actually entail, and the best way to make myself a strong candidate. I look forward to the opportunity to give back by serving as a mentor for a future fellow.

Tell us a little bit about your experience with your mentor.

My mentor is Sam Snyder, MBA 11. He was also a CJ White Fellow, and has worked in several roles within the world of finance. As a recent MBA, he remembers what it was like being in my shoes, and can provide advice for me based on his own experiences at Haas. Sam has been extremely successful in the finance world both pre- and post-MBA, and I really value his willingness to take time out of his busy schedule to share his knowledge, experience, and guidance with me.
2014 Finance Fellows Left to right: Zeina Fayyaz, Andrew Wu, Alexis Kastrenakes and Duy Nguyen, all MBA 16.


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