Social impact campaign to help students have a "good" summer




Whether they're here to pursue a career on Wall Street or a social enterprise in Africa, Haas has always attracted students who are interested in making positive contributions to the world—and in finding creative ways to do so.

A case in point: the Haas Social Impact Fund, founded by MBA students in 2004. The annual drive encourages those with higher-income internships to help those classmates who want to work in nonprofits, the public sector, or social enterprises. That way, everyone contributes to the greater good, in their own way.

First-year students typically pledge one day of pay to the fund.

"Students in non-profit and public sector internships earn a median salary of just $3,150 per month, versus the Berkeley MBA median of $7,100 per month," says Chris Symmes, MBA 15, who is spearheading this year's campaign as the MBA Association's VP of community. "If we are going to live up to our culture and principle of going beyond ourselves, we need to support our peers and classmates who are acting as stewards for the greater good of the world."

The campaign will run through early May, with a goal of 70 percent participation. Click here to donate online.

Last year, students contributed over $26,000 to the fund, which is administered by the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership. Eleven full-time MBA students received grants averaging $3,200 to work at organizations such as Harlem Village Academies, Alpha Public Schools, and the Environmental Defense Fund.

Check out the videos above and below to hear about some of their experiences.







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