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MBA internships Nike Sarah Swigart
Sarah Swigart, MBA 14, is inspired by the Nike motto: If you have a body, you are an athlete

Student: Sarah Swigart, MBA 14, long distance trail runner (50K) and cyclist (CA to DC), marathoner, and triathlete in the Half-Ironman World Championships.

Interning with: Nike, Portland, Oregon.

Nike because: "They are pushing the limits in brand marketing and in materials innovation and manufacturing. As an athlete myself, I am energized by the way Nike challenges its employees to genuinely serve the athlete."

Thrilled to be getting the chance to: Prepare materials for the CEO. "My group, Corporate Strategy, supported the Executive Team’s annual strategic planning summit. We met with leadership across the organization to tee-up topics that would be discussed and prioritized for the next year. I learned so much listening to these leaders evaluate risks and opportunities."

Applied learning: Facilitating cross-functional ideation meetings. "As a side-project, I am working with a team of 10 undergrads and 3 MBAs towards an end-of-summer presentation about a Nike-internal issue. Problem Finding Problem Solving gave me tools to facilitate constructive and creative brainstorming sessions. I understand when to open perspectives with wild ideas and when to laser-sharpen focus on feasible solutions."

Inside Nike: "My team celebrates birthdays by hitting the gym, rather going out for lunch."

Advancing career goals by: "Transitioning from a consulting role to an internal strategy position. While I possessed the analytical consulting skills my manager was seeking, I believe it was the credibility of the Berkeley MBA that gave Nike confidence in me as a candidate from the disparate field of healthcare."

Earlier this summer, Swigart was part of an IBD team researching operational leasing best practices for a private equity firm interested in the automotive space in China. Read about the team's work in this Haas in the World post.

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