Winning Approaches: Understanding Both Patient and Physician Pain Points

Second Place in Emory Healthcare Competition: Felice Espiritu, Christine Chu, Alana Tucker, and Alex Leung.
Second Place in Emory's Leadership in Healthcare Case Competition: Felice Espiritu, Christine Chu, Alana Tucker, and Alex Leung.

The competition: Emory Leadership in Healthcare Case Competition at Goizueta Business School, Feb. 15.

The outcome: Second place.

The team: Alex Leung, MBA 15 in the Evening & Weekend MBA Program, and Christine Chu, Felice Espiritu, and Alana Tucker, all MBA/MPH 14.

The field: Included Emory, Vanderbilt, and USC, with Vanderbilt coming in first.

The challenge: Provide a recommendation on whether to implement a Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) system at a hospital in the Emory Healthcare system (CPOE provides for electronic entry of physician instructions for patient care). In the final round, the top three teams presented their recommendation and strategic plan to hospital physicians to gain buy-in for CPOE implementation.

A winning approach: “We addressed the impact of a CPOE on both patient care and physician workflows,” says Tucker. “Physician resistance appeared to be the biggest hurdle, so we conducted root cause analysis to understand underlying concerns and developed corresponding recommendations." The team's ideas included providing on-the job training rather than classroom training to save physician time and engaging peer champions to promote adoption. In Round 2, Berkeley-Haas was the only team to create an entirely new presentation in the hour allotted. “We completely tailored our tone, presentation format, and content to physicians rather than hospital administrators,” says Tucker.

A winner because: Judges hailed the team for understanding the pain points for both patient and physician and the resulting opportunities for a CPOE to improve their experiences. They also called out the team’s grasp of current healthcare regulations.

The H factor: “Not only were we able to bring our own work experience to the case, but we also tapped into the work experiences of our classmates,” says Tucker. “These included a physician who had practiced in the UK’s National Health Service and a former employee of a leading electronic health record software company.” Tucker also notes that Haas Healthcare Association activities, such as career treks, enabled their team of like-minded people to find each other from across programs.


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