MBA Internships: Pacific Gas & Electric


Samir Das, MBA 13, (l.) on a tour of PG&E's Gateway Natural Gas Power Plant in Vacaville.


Student: Samir Das, MBA 13.

Interning with: Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), San Francisco, Customer Energy Solutions (CES) organization. "CES provides integrated energy solutions designed to help customers save energy and money."

Thrilled because: "I get a first-hand look at the energy industry from a utilities' perspective, being at the center of energy supply and demand in California."

Can’t believe he’s getting the chance to: Work on incentives to help millions of PG&E customers be more energy efficient. "I am working on a roadmap for high-efficiency HVAC technologies to determine which ones PG&E should incentivize by providing customer rebates."

Already he's learned: How important networking is. "PG&E like any large organization has challenges with communication between different groups. It is critical to know people in the right places to successfully complete strategic cross-company projects." Das says that thanks to the large Haas alumni network, "It has been easy to get to know people in different groups and get my project off to a good start."

The Berkeley MBA toolkit: Das calls the concept of leading without authority, introduced by Don Moore in the Leading People class, "one of the most valuable lessons for my internship experience."

Inside PG & E: "The great community of Haas alums at PG&E are always there to help new Haasies navigate their internships and full-time rotations."

Advancing career goals by: “Getting a first-hand look at how energy is produced, transported, and delivered to customers and how we are moving towards a renewable and sustainable energy consumption path in the future.”

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