MBA 11s at Work: Bain Amsterdam


Welcome to MBA 11s at Work, a periodic series on the career launches—in consulting, finance, tech, entrepreneurship, and more—of the Berkeley MBA class of 2011.

Grad: Kitty Sullivan, MBA 11

Working as: Consultant with Bain & Company in Amsterdam, currently on a rotation in the Private Equity Group (PEG). “We perform the commercial due diligences for private equity companies evaluating potential acquisitions.”

Most excited to be working on: PEG. “At first I was a bit intimidated because PEG has a really intense reputation, but it has been surprisingly fun--I really like seeing deals I've worked on in the headlines.”

Why consulting and why Bain: “I love variety-- the ability to live in different countries and to constantly work on different projects with new people--so I realized gradually that consulting was the ideal fit.” Sullivan says the culture at Bain was also a fit. “I just felt like I belonged there when I visited the firm.”

Inside Bain: “Bain Amsterdam is special in that, even though it has grown a lot, it really remains a tight-knit community. We eat lunch together at a big round table--and lunch always means lots and lots of sandwiches; often with chocolate sprinkles, a local custom!”

Best career search strategies: “Contacting people at companies in the industries I was considering,” says Sullivan, who reached out to over a hundred people throughout the two-year search process.

Classroom lessons in action: “I have been counting my lucky stars that I signed up for Mergers and Acquisitions with Peter Goodson. His class was invaluable in preparing me for the world of private equity and I regularly refer to my old handouts.”

Living the Amsterdam life: “I really love living in Europe--all the different cultures and so many countries a short plane ride away. In Amsterdam it is fun to sit outside at bars and cafes along the canals and watch people ride by on their bikes.”

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