Of Resolutions and Razors: MBA Community Raises $12K for Charities




Razors may factor into the New Year's resolutions of some 120 Berkeley MBA students, who sported a shaggy look following the annual tradition of No-Shave November.

This year's event raised $12,500 for Challenge for Charity (C4C), an organization of West Coast business schools that raises funds and contributes volunteer hours to the Special Olympics and a charity of each school's choosing. (Berkeley-Haas contributes to the Alameda Point Collaborative.)

In honor of No-Shave November, beards, heads, legs, and chests were left to their own devices, causing hardship for a few. "It was itchy," says Ignacio Garcia-Ros, MBA 13. "My girlfriend wasn't thrilled," says Kevin Callaghan, MBA 13.

The event concludes with an auctioning off of each student's "canvas" (be it legs or head, or chest) to the highest bidder--who then shaves the participant in a design of their choosing. The new look must be kept for the next 24 hours. For Mike Vincent, MBA 13, this was the challenge. Vincent already had a beard and says, "While I knew it would be hard to part ways, I also knew I had plenty of friends and family who would love to see it go."

"We don't do things half-way here at Haas," says Garcia-Ros. "If we commit to something and it's for a good cause, we're all in!" Some participants, however, may be resolved to keep razors close at hand for the remainder of the year.

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From 2011-2013, Valerie Gilbert focused on sharing stories of Berkeley MBA student achievements and connection to the Haas Defining Principles. At Haas since 2004 and now Associate Director of Content Marketing, she still enjoys revealing the different facets of life at Berkeley-Haas to a variety of audiences.