Submitting your Strongest Full-Time MBA Application


I just returned from a few recruitment events in Europe and met some amazing prospective students. This is the time of year when most prospective students are seeking application advice so here are some of the tips I like to share:


Apply as early as possible, but make sure your application is the strongest it can be before applying. For example, if your application would be stronger in Round 2, don’t rush to submit in Round 1. Your best application is better than a rushed application! Keep in mind that most of our offers of admission are made out of Rounds 1, 2, and 3, although even Round 3 is becoming increasingly more competitive from year to year.

Get to know Berkeley-Haas. We want to know why Berkeley-Haas is a good fit for you both personally and professionally. Genuinely knowing our program, our community, and our culture’s 4 Defining Principles with help you craft a stronger application.

Take your time with the essays. We want to get to know you through your essays so be sure to be honest, genuine, and share examples that will really represent you. Remember to answer the questions, don’t just write what you think we want to hear and give yourself enough time for multiple essay revisions. Seek feedback on your essays from close friends, family, and colleagues. Ask them if your essays really represent you.

Pick recommenders who know you well. We usually see stronger and more compelling examples when a recommender has worked closely with you. Take some time to meet with your recommenders to discuss your professional accomplishments and why you’re pursuing an MBA. And, just as you want to give yourself enough time to write strong essays, give your recommenders enough time to write strong recommendation letters.

Of course the best advice is to enjoy the self-reflection process!

We look forward to reading your application and meeting you at one of our upcoming events or on campus!

- Kara

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