Leaders Who Redefine: EMBA Cristy Johnston Limón, Destiny Arts Center

As a teen in the San Francisco Mission District, gang pressure was high and she dropped out of high school. But she went back, with the help of her cello.

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No Shave November 2012

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  • December 7, 2012

My class is amazing - I always knew that! :) However, the November razor buzz and over $25K raised for charity showed that MBAs know how to make money... out of hair!

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C4C Special Olympics Basketball Clinic

This morning 10 volunteers from Haas headed down to the Haas Pavilion for a morning of basketball organised by the Cal Athletics Department and the Special Olympics. About 30 Special Olympics athletes came, and we were helped by about 10 student athlete volunteers. It was cool to get out on the Haas Pavilion Court! We had a lot of fun practising dribbling, shooting, defence, and passing - although it was mostly just about having a great time. We even managed to use hula hoops in the drills!

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Challenge 4 Charity Half Marathon

Serving on the board of Challenge 4 Charity is by far one of the most rewarding experiences I've had thus far at Haas. Challenge 4 Charity is the only club on campus in which everyone is a member. We have a number of initiatives coming up, including a March Madness bracket challenge, an annual spring auction, and the C4C Sports Weekend held on the Stanford campus.

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The Sounds of Berkeley

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Volunteering At Alameda Point Collaborative

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Business Plan Competition & C4C Sports Weekend Recap!

University of California Community Spawns New Ideas, Wins Prizes

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A Socially Responsible Haas

The following email was sent to entire student body by VP social. A quintessential example of how social responsibility and fun intersects at every major occasion at Haas.

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Busy week, new bloggers & a "Taste of Haas"

Wow! Deanne has a crazy schedule. Now, I don't feel so bad with my 7 units.

A big thank you to those of you who applied to become first-year bloggers-- you're all a very talented bunch. It was a tough decision, but we welcome in three new first-year bloggers: Aaron French, Tony Hung and Sonny Chinthamani. I'll let them introduce themselves.. (coming soon)

This week has been a fairly hectic:
  • Sunday: Sent out notices to blogger applicants (again, big thanks!). Went to church. Afterwards, went to a few Napa wineries and ate dinner out there with my wife (family time is important). Great time out there..!
  • Monday: Work - including preparations/logistics for new people joining my team (good to grow). Afterwards, volunteered at CityTeam (a nice organization that helps feed the homeless out in Oakland). 10:30pm teleconference with Entrepreneurship project team to plan for this week's work. Drafted slides for homework.
  • Tuesday: Work. Went to join some friends coordinating a multi-faceted "appreciation" event for the upcoming Sunday. Went home at 10pm to do some homework reading.
  • Wednesday: Work (yes, we are EWMBA'ers). Afterwards, went to the Alumni-sponsored "Taste of Haas" Event: "An evening celebrating the finest of Bay Area food and wine offerings with fellow Bay Area Haas alumni," held at the SF Williams-Sonoma store this year. Many wineries (Peju, St. Supery, etc.), restaurants and food providers.
  • Today/Thursday and Friday: Work (getting the picture?). Plan to meet with Entrepreneurship Project Team again. These are the only nights to catch up on homework this week.. I miss Friday nights already again..
  • Saturday: Classes 'til 4pm (better than 6?). Meet with International Marketing project team. EWMBA Student Association meeting afterwards. Final logistics for the aforementioned "Appreciation" event on Sunday night..
As you can see, it's still pretty busy like first-year. However, a lot of the load is at least in part, self-inflicted in the second year. It's definitely continued to be fast-paced from the start. But hopefully, I can get focused and get down to it. Deanne reminds me that it could be worse, plus some of my fellow project mates are traveling all over the place, so no complaints! I d efinitely send my appreciation to project mates who have been patient and supportive during the busier times.

Here are a few more pics from " Taste of Haas" for your enjoyment. A couple of classmates (Chris Parkerson, Hali Burbige) and me; Squid salad, shredded beef sliders, and samosas were just a few of the tasty treats we enjoyed.

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A Few Highlights

Beginning of the second week, in some ways, I'm noticing that everyone is starting to find their rhythm. Don't celebrate yet! Because after the club fair this Thursday, plus the company presentation and industry brown bags that began today (with Goldman Sachs), Haas will hit us with the "2nd wave" of scheduling challenges.

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