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EMBA Alum Opens Apple Mobile Wallet for JPMorgan Chase

By Susan Petty   |   9/30/2014
Asked what he finds most rewarding about his career, Avin Arumugam sums it up in one word: scale. He’s talking about the complexity of his work and the scale of his impact—and he’s not kidding.

Student Leadership at Berkeley-Haas

By Cindy Jennings Millette   |   10/28/2011
It’s an exciting time of year at Berkeley-Haas! This week first-year students campaigned for positions on our student government - the MBAA Association with riveting speeches about the many reasons why they ...

"Is an MBA right for you?"

By Flora Kuo   |   10/22/2011
Today Haas welcomed over 100 guests (most of whom were prospective students) with the annual Women’s Workshop, hosted by admissions and Women in Leadership. This year’s theme was “My Journey toward an MBA.” ...

Leadership Communication & Ferran Adrià

By Ignacio Garcia   |   10/13/2011
As most of the other first-years, I've been spending the last few days racing against the clock to get some decent studying before Fall A finals. They've arrived so quickly, all of a sudden! It's OK though, I ...

First Class Of Fall A Finished!

By Ben Buchanan   |   10/05/2011
I can't believe it, but last night was the last class of Leadership Communication! The past 6 weeks have flown by, and I have loved the course. Leadership Comms is an experiential learning course that each week...

Seattle and Managerial Experience

By Julia Sprague   |   9/30/2011
I just returned from Seattle this week for some recruiting events with our EWMBA students and alumni. If you missed us, we'll be back for an information session on November 15. I met some really great prospecti...

Guest Post: South African Seminar in International Business

By Jennifer Caleshu   |   9/02/2011
Jennifer: Here's a guest post from Jamie Aaronson (2013) who spent two weeks in South Africa for the Seminar in International Business. These seminars are designed to introduce the participants to the culture, ...

Improvisational Leadership

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   5/05/2011
Going to keep this post short, as I just wanted to get a shout out and say, "Happy Close-to-the-end-of-the-school-year" to all. Where are my fellow bloggers at? I'm sure they're wrapping up a lot of loose ends ...

Women In Leadership

By Eve Alexander   |   12/29/2010
This post is guest-authored by Caroline Mock, FTMBA 2012, the president of the Women In Leadership club at Haas. If you're interested in or have any questions about WIL at Haas, please contact Caroline at ...

The Art of Possibility

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   11/24/2009
I've got to hand it to our Leadership Communication teachers and the 2nd-year Graduate Student Instructors: it takes some true talent to convince a classroom full of 60 hard-charging, data-driven over-achievers...