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The Halfway Point

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   6/05/2011
I’ve heard many of my classmates mourn the fact that our first year at Haas is effectively over. Indeed, it is a little sad that the last nine months have passed in what seemed like the blink of an eye. That’s ...

A Source Inspiration

By Ricardo de Paula   |   10/06/2009

workin' it

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   7/09/2009
I really can't believe that I'm already four weeks into my internship. Here's a glimpse of what life has been like so far...

Summer Internship

By Eugene Kim   |   6/11/2009
Greetings from my new cubicle! I started my summer internship in green building three weeks ago and am absolutely loving it! Being a project manager has been really fun because it allows me to work with archite...


By haasschoolofbusiness   |   3/17/2009
At the end of a fairly prescribed first semester, we were let loose to bid for electives this Spring. How did everything shake out? Among the second years the most coveted courses seemed to be "Power and ...

Back in Berkeley

By Oliver Strutynski   |   8/24/2008
After more than 3 months on the road for IBD and my summer internship, I came back to the Bay Area yesterday.

Waiting to board

By Helen Ip   |   8/22/2008
Today was the last day of my summer internship. I'm sitting at gate 7 in a JFK airport terminal. My flight is delayed. I am hungry. But I have too many things (two backpacks, one guitar, and an enormous umbrell...