The Berkeley-Haas Highlights Reel

From our Nobel Prize winners to our Defining Principles and from top-ranked programs to boundary-pushing faculty and pioneering alumni, here is a quick look at Berkeley-Haas highlights (1:51)

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MBA Student Perspective: Choosing a Graduate Degree to Maximize my social Impact

As I began thinking about graduate school, I knew I wanted to choose a program that would help me combine my two passions: entrepreneurship and international migration.

These two forces of creative disruption—driven by risk and ingenuity— seem to me to be the clearest and most hopeful forms of human agency. Yet for far too many of the 245 million people on the move today, constraints undermine their ability to secure their own futures. My ambition is to build a company that develops technology and data-driven solutions to help address emerging migration challenges.

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MBA Student Perspective: "I am from Saudi Arabia, and I am a Feminist"

My name is Khalid Alali and I am a full-time MBA student in the Class of 2018. I am from Saudi Arabia, and I am a feminist. 

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Going All in At Full-time MBA Orientation

Full-time MBA Week Zero is a no-holds-barred introduction to life at Haas. Part MBA-essentials boot camp, part immersion into Haas academic and student culture, and part bonding experience, the week is fast-paced, intense, and sometimes wacky.

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Meet the Berkeley MBA for Executives Class of 2016

What do pilots, doctors, and senior execs from Amazon, Deloitte, and Shell have in common? They are among the accomplished professionals in the Berkeley MBA for Executives class of 2016.

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Meet Two Berkeley MBAs Who Are Among "The World's Best & Brightest"

Graduating students Nikita Mitchell (L.) and Katie Benintende (R.) are among the "50 best and brightest MBA graduates this year" according to a list from Poets & Quants.

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Berkeley-Haas Defining Principles: From Launch to Lasting

The Haas School's Dean Lyons rocks

The Berkeley MBA program maintains a vibe that goes beyond traditional b-school camaraderie, in part due to the school's Defining Principles: Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always, and Beyond Yourself. 

Articulating Berkeley-Haas culture was a challenge that Dean Rich Lyons tackled alongside faculty and students in 2010, a process he calls both challenging and worthwhile.

"I was at lunch recently with some venture capitalists who don't know the school very well, and I handed a culture card to them. They said, 'This describes the kind of people we like to fund.'" 


On the fifth anniversary of the Principles, the school's chief (but far from only) culture evangelist, reflects  in Haas Now story on both their launch and their lasting value.

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Evaluating Program Fit? An EMBA Consultation Can Help

Berkeley EMBA 15 student Jaya Srinivasan

While a website can provide a lot of information and insight about EMBA programs, sometimes you just want to know about your fit with a particular program—given your specific circumstances. That’s when a personal consultation with an admissions officer can help.

Previously, David Firth Eagland discussed what he got out of an EMBA personal consultation.​ Now, Jayanthi Srinivasan, who wondered if it might be too late in her career to consider an EMBA, shares her perspective.

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Who’s Sitting Next to You? Caliber of EMBA Classmates Carries Weight

When it comes to describing the people you’ll be studying with in the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program, the numbers are the least important factor. What really matters is the chemistry. It’s about finding the exact blend of students that will energize the classroom, foster bonds of friendship, and stretch everyone beyond their limits. 

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10 Takeaways from My Full-Time Berkeley MBA Experience

To cap off finishing my last final of my last class at Haas today (?!?!!?) I wanted to share 10 MBA takeaways—written for future me so I never forget—for anyone thinking about going back to school or the skeptics or just to prove I learned SOMETHING!

It’s been the BEST two years of my life, hands down. I can’t believe it’s over.

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