Infographic: Full-time MBA Employment Report

Students in the Full-time Berkeley MBA Class of 2015 re-launched their careers with a bang—or ventured out on their own, pursuing startups in record numbers. 

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Infographic: Meet the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Class of 2018

These ambitious professionals, who began classes in early August, are holding down demanding jobs while tackling the rigorous Berkeley-Haas program. 

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MBA Internships: Finding the right fit at Clorox

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Our Top 5 Suggestions for Getting to Know the Full-time Berkeley MBA

Students in the Full-time Berkeley MBA Program

Right about now in your MBA search, your head is probably full of b-school buzzwords. Like value proposition. Like authentic leadership. Like “FOMO.” 

As you explore MBA programs, you’ll not only be learning what some of these buzzwords mean, you’ll be trying on schools to see which one feels like the best fit.

Not sure how to start? We would like to present our top suggestions for getting to know the Berkeley-Haas Full-time MBA Program:

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Strengthening Big Data at Berkeley-Haas

Why Antoine Bruyns, a first-year student in our Full-time MBA Program, left a growing startup to come to Berkeley-Haas, why he thinks Silicon Valley is like Italy during the Renaissance, and how new clubs and courses are giving increased strength to data science (AKA "Big Data") at Berkeley-Haas—all in this post on Haas Achieves.

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Evening & Weekend vs. Executive MBA Programs: How to Choose, Part II

There’s more than one path to an MBA, and for many people, a full-time program just isn’t in the cards. Perhaps you’ve already launched your career, or have started a family.

That’s why we offer two part-time MBA programs. The Evening & Weekend program is designed to be a three-year, six-semester program;our executives program meets every three weeks from Thursday through Saturday over the course of 19 months.

Both programs offer the same rich resources and result in the same Berkeley degree. But which program is right for you? In this two-part series (See Part I), we spoke with two couples in which each partner chose a different part-time program.

Tatiana Medvedeva and Sergey Averchenkov live in Mountain View and are engaged to be married. Both are Russian – she’s from St. Petersberg, he’s from Moscow – but they met in the U.S. in 2011. Sergey will receive his degree from the evening and weekend program in 2017, while Tatiana will graduate from the executive program in December 2015.

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7 Top Reasons to Love the Berkeley MBA's Bay Area Location

Haas Student Ambassador and MBA 15

Location was an important factor as I considered where to go to business school. Haas’s place as a Bay Area MBA Program – a half hour from San Francisco and an hour from Silicon Valley – offers an ideal combination of academic excellence and professional opportunities with city life and the outdoors.

Here are my 7 top reasons to love the Berkeley MBA's Bay Area location:

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Application Do's & Don'ts from the Full-time MBA Admissions Team

“What can I do to increase my chances of getting into Haas?”

Ah, the million dollar question!  Unfortunately, there is no formula for the business school application.  A high GPA does not guarantee acceptance, just as a weak GMAT does not mean denial.  It’s a holistic process – we promise.

What does holistic mean in this context?  It means we’re looking for the complete package.  We want to know you’re academically ready for the rigor of our program. We hope to see work experience marked by impact, progression and leadership.  We’re impressed by well-articulated career goals that tap into Haas resources. We seek evidence of community involvement and cultural fit.

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Berkeley MBA for Executives Silicon Valley Immersion Week

Students in the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program gathered recently in classrooms at Google, Facebook, and Airbnb for intensive case study and frank conversations (many off-the-record) with 28 entrepreneurs during the program’s recent Silicon Valley Immersion Week. The experience was one of five deep-learning, off-campus modules that are part of the Executive MBA Program.

Adding to the experience, according to Professor Toby Stuart, is that “We have a cohort. The students are all in it together and this gives a completely different vibe to the classroom. It’s much more intimate and that’s really refreshing.” Cases and classroom time focused on the more tangible aspects of entrepreneurship, such as funding and business models, while small-group visits to newer startups revealed how those lessons play out in real companies, as founders shared secrets and stories.

“The amount of value I’ve extracted from this one week is amazing” says Rochelle Webb, EMBA 14, senior vice president of global marketing activation at Quiksilver. Morad Movassaghi, EMBA 14, senior manager at Accenture, agrees. “The number of CEOs and entrepreneurs we’ve interacted with in one week would take a year, or two or three, to connect with on your own—if you could do so at all.”

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C4C Special Olympics Basketball Clinic

This morning 10 volunteers from Haas headed down to the Haas Pavilion for a morning of basketball organised by the Cal Athletics Department and the Special Olympics. About 30 Special Olympics athletes came, and we were helped by about 10 student athlete volunteers. It was cool to get out on the Haas Pavilion Court! We had a lot of fun practising dribbling, shooting, defence, and passing - although it was mostly just about having a great time. We even managed to use hula hoops in the drills!

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