Am I Ready for an MBA if I Don't Have a Business Background?

Am I ready for an MBA?

It's a question that every potential applicant needs to ask. There are circumstances that could stop you from applying to business school, but one thing that shouldn't hold you back is the fact that you see yourself as a non-traditional business school applicant.

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Going to business school could turn you into an MBA entrepreneur

Above: Berkeley MBA startup Planet Murple aims to help kids each more vegetables

If you've ever considered enrolling in an MBA program, you may have pictured yourself getting promoted to a prominent new position at your current company or transferring to an innovative startup after graduation, but have you ever thought about launching your own venture?

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Video: Which Berkeley MBA Program is Right for You?

Choosing an MBA program is, in part, about finding the peer group and the program format that works best for you.

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Considering the Best Executive MBA Programs? 7 Reasons to Choose Haas

If you're a highly experienced professional considering pursuing an MBA, chances are you're looking at executive MBA programs, which let you continue working while you study and apply your new learning in real time.

And perhaps you’ve narrowed your search to top EMBA programs. In that case, you may want to learn about ours: From renowned faculty and accomplished classmates to a manageable schedule and attitude-free environment—here are 7 reasons students considering the best executive MBA programs choose Berkeley-Haas

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Ready For An MBA? Why It's Important to apply at the Right Time

You've probably heard people say that there is no magic formula for success; however, there is one component that most successful endeavors have in common: timing. The ability to choose precisely the right moment to act on an idea is essential. 

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Class Profile Infographic: Meet the Full-time MBA Class of 2018

 A recent admissions survey found that the unique culture at Berkeley-Haas is the No. 1 reason students choose the Full-time Berkeley MBA Program.

That was certainly true for Kasey Koopmans, a self-described quantitative thinker interviewed for a Poets & Quants article on the Berkeley-Haas full-time MBA class of 2018. Kasey said she wanted to make her MBA decision using an analytical approach, but ultimately decided that she just "clicked" with the people and values at Haas.

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Ready For An MBA...Or For The Next Big Thing In Your Life? Part II

We've previously chatted with Berkeley MBA students about how they knew they were ready for an MBA. But we were also interested to hear about how they knew they were ready for other major life changes. So, we explored that question with our students as well, first in Part I and now in Part II of our series on how you know you're ready for the next big thing. 

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