Design Thinking Goes Abroad

Berkeley MBA students now have another opportunity to experience business culture abroad, while polishing their consulting and design thinking skills at the same time.

This past spring, 30 full- and part-time MBA students from the Full-time and Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Programs traveled to the Netherlands to participate in Design Thinking for Business Innovation. The new course, says Kristiana Raube, executive director of the Haas School's International Business Development (IBD) program, "teaches students an interactive, dynamic approach to leading innovation, while fostering a deep understanding of one organization in an international setting.” 

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Berkeley MBA Bloggers Start Sustainable Business Conversations

Berkeley MBA voices reached broad audiences this spring in the Strategic & Sustainable Business Solutions course, which examines the role of business in society.

Instead of simply sharing writing assignments with their professor, some students are opting to post their work as blogs on LinkedIn. The result has been both surprising and beneficial in a number of ways.

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International Opportunities for Part-time MBAs at Berkeley-Haas

Nachiket (5th from l.) with his International Business Development Team with the Ghana staff of Reach for Change. 
Gaining international business knowledge firsthand is a goal for many Berkeley MBA students, and part-time students in the Evening & Weekend MBA Program are no exception.
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Executive MBA Students Explore Policy Making in DC

In December, students in the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program traveled to Washington, DC for their final field immersion before graduation.

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Evening & Weekend MBA Retreat: New Ways of Thinking—and Working

In the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program, innovation is experiential. As part of the core curriculum, students take Applied Innovation, a course culminating in the Mid-Program Academic Retreat (MPAR), also known as WE Innovate.

In this deeply rigorous weekend for the part-time MBA program, students draw upon the business knowledge they've built through core coursework and their growing innovation skills to take on  a current challenge faced by a top company, such as McDonald's, WalMart, and American Experess Labs. 

260 students, 41 teams, and 26 corporate challenges. It all adds up to learning, reflection, innovation, and impact. Take a look at what goes on during the evening and weekend MBA program's WE Innovate weekend:

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Working an EMBA into Your Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance can be challenging. And yes, keeping your job, home life, and studies in sync when you’re enrolled in an executive MBA program is even more so. But: Students tell us that strengthening their time management skills and honing a razor-sharp ability to prioritize are among the abilities they gain in the process.

And, this juggling act is one you don’t have to manage alone. Here are some ways the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program helps you make EMBA studies work for you.

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Accessible Entrepreneurship: Berkeley EMBA Silicon Valley Immersion

When students in the Berkeley MBA for Executives class of 2016 explored entrepreneurship in depth through the program's Silicon Valley Immersion Week, Poets & Quants joined them, writing two stories about the experience for the business school news website.

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Classified: Berkeley MBAs Tackle The "Wicked Problem" Of The California Drought

Outside it was a cold, hazy morning, but inside the Haas Innovation lab the room was warm and full of laughter. A group of full-time MBA students held center stage as they mimed taking a shower. Before that, two others had played the role of a couple talking to a therapist; another student had carried a mock baby and pretended to go shopping.

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Berkeley MBA Study Teams Yield Insights on Diversity, Leadership, Self

At Berkeley-Haas, our students contribute diverse perspectives, valuable experiences, and a contagious ambition to learn and grow. If you read our previous post on how our full-time MBA students contribute to their study teams, you probably got a sense of the varied, yet valuable, contributions that each student makes to the team.

Our unique culture is shaped by the different skill sets and insights that students bring to one another—and to our program at large—but we also believe there's a symbiotic relationship at work: when students bring positivity to their peers, they receive enthusiasm; when they share a new idea or challenge a convention, they're met with open-minded interest; when they step up to lead, they find support.

Whether they've gained a sense of confidence, patience to work through a problem, or an appreciation for all voices, at Berkeley-Haas, when our students give, they also receive. Read on to see what study team members have gotten from collaborating with their peers.

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Part II of our Q & A with Berkeley EMBA Assistant Dean Mike Rielly

When we last spoke with Berkeley MBA for Executives Assistant Dean Mike Rielly, we focused on the program’s commitment to experiential learning through its five immersion weeks. This time, we talk about other aspects of program curriculum, as well as what most surprises students, what is most important for them to know up front, and the best ways to assess program fit.

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