Eileen Jacob

Am I Ready for an MBA if I Don't Have a Business Background?

Am I ready for an MBA?

It's a question that every potential applicant needs to ask. There are circumstances that could stop you from applying to business school, but one thing that shouldn't hold you back is the fact that you see yourself as a non-traditional business school applicant.

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Video: Which Berkeley MBA Program is Right for You?

Choosing an MBA program is, in part, about finding the peer group and the program format that works best for you.

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Shaping Your Business School Studies for a Product Management MBA

Part problem-solver, part storyteller, part trend analyst, and part entrepreneur, a product manager is part of putting The Next Big Thing in people's hands. 

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Tip #2 to Finding More Meaningful Work: Explore

Deciding you're restless at work is one thing. Deciding what to do next? That's quite another.

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7 Reasons to Choose a Part-time MBA Program

Congratulations—you've decided to go business school.

And you've decided that study in a top-ranked MBA program will give you the knowledge, skills, and network to chart the course of your career, from next move to a lifetime of meaningful work.

Now you need to determine what kind of program is right for you: Full-time? Part-time? Online? Hybrid?

We in Admissions for the Evening & Weekend MBA Program at Berkeley-Haas would like to share 7 things about part-time MBA programs that may help you decide if this is the best way for you to MBA:

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Leaders Who Redefine: Adobe CEO and Berkeley MBA Shantanu Narayen

Round Out Tech Skills

Shantanu Narayen earned a Master’s in Computer Science and holds five patents.

He then earned his graduate business degree at night, while working at Apple and studying  in the part-time MBA program at Berkeley-Haas. "It was clear I needed to round out some of my entrepreneurial genes with a business education," says Shantanu.

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Career Management Also Means Knowing When It’s Time to Move On

Are you thinking it might be time for a new job? We've got tips from the MBA career coaches at Berkeley-Haas on managing your career in pursuit of more meaningful work, along with questions to ask yourself—all in our new free ebook.

You've probably heard that timing is everything. And it's true that when it comes to many decisions in life, whether it's to get married, buy a house, get your MBA, or pursue more meaningful work—timing is an important factor.

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Do I need an MBA to Be a Product Manager: Kavya Mallesh at SlingMedia

Meet Kavya Mallesh, senior staff product manager at SlingMedia. Kavya, and 2017 graduate of the Berkeley Evening & Weekend MBA Program, who talked with us
about her career for Part V of this series.

What did you do prior to pursuing your MBA?

I was a graphics software engineer at Intel leading development of Intel video processing graphics drivers on Apple products.

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Class Profile Infographic: the Evening & Weekend MBA Class of 2019

Students in our top-ranked part-time MBA program come from everywhere—in terms of geography, field of work, cultural background—and they are going all kinds of places, leveraging studies in the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA program to advance in their current companies or fields, make career changes, and launch ventures.

These evening and weekend MBA students do an extraordinary job of balancing work and family with their studies (not to mention friends, pets, athletic pursuits, volunteer work, and more). What makes this possible? They'll tell you it's the culture at Berkeley-Haas, with its four Defining Principles, and the support they enjoy from their peers and the program office.

Here is a by-the-numbers look at the EWMBA class of 2019.

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Tips for your MBA essays

They are one of the most important ways in which we get to know you and among the most requested topics for MBA application tips.

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